Mattel also has an Amazon Echo clone (for kids)

Toy maker Mattel has embraced modern technology in interesting ways over the past few years. The company launched its own take on Google Cardboard, with an emphasis on kid-friendly, educational content. Mattel acquired the maker of the Nabi line of Android tablets for kids. And while it has yet to come to market, the company […]

2nd View-Master VR will support more phones, more features

Mattel re-invented the View-Master for the virtual reality age in 2015 by introducing a Google Cardboard-like headset that could hold a smartphone and turn it into a display for VR experiences. Now there’s a new model on the way, and, among other things, it’s designed to work better with phones featuring a range of screen […]

Mattel to acquire Nabi tablet maker Fuhu

The company that makes the Nabi line of Android tablets for kids filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy this week… but that doesn’t mean it’s the end of the line for Fuhu’s tablets. Toy maker Mattel has entered an agreement to acquire Fuhu’s business and assets. What does that mean? For now, not much. If you’ve got a […]

Mattel uses Google Cardboard VR platform to update View-Master for the 21st Century

The New York Toy Fair, the world’s largest annual toy convention starts this week. On the first day press were allowed inside, Mattel dropped a huge announcement that it will be revamping its View-Master to be compatible with the Google Cardboard virtual reality platform. Now, instead of needing cardboard frames to see images pop out […]