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Linux Mint 18.1 released, will be supported through 2021

The latest stable version of Linux Mint is available, and it’s a long-term support release that will be officially supported for five years. That means you can install Linux Mint 18.1 today and expect bug fixes and security updates to keep coming through 2021, even if you don’t upgrade to a newer build of the […]

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Linux Mint 13 Release Candidate now available

Linux Mint is a popular Linux-based operating system that used to be little more than a version of Ubuntu Linux with some custom tools and a custom user interface. But over the past few years Mint has come into its own as a powerful, customizable, and easy to set up operating system. The latest versions […]

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MATE Linux desktop environment is for anyone that hates GNOME 3

Linux desktop environments have come a long way in the last few years. Once upon a time the KDE user interface looked a lot like Windows while GNOME provided a simple UI with panels at the top and bottom of the screen. Now the two most popular desktop environments offer custom interfaces complete with custom […]