Matchstick Firefox OS streaming stick delayed 6 months

The makers of the Matchstick TV streaming stick have decided to delay launch of their Firefox OS-powered device by about half a year. While the team started shipping prototypes to developers in late 2014 and showed off demo units at the Consumer Electronics Shows in January, the developers have decided to update the hardware and retool the software before […]

Matchstick streaming stick will support local media playback, ad hoc connections

The Matchstick is a device you can plug into a TV to stream content from the internet. It looks a lot like a Google Chromecast, but this little guy runs Mozilla’s Firefox OS software, features a Rockchip RK3066 processor, and should sell for about $25 when it hits the streets in early 2015. The developers […]

Matchstick Firefox OS media streaming software ported to other ARM TV sticks

MatchStick is a small, inexpensive device you can plug into a TV to stream internet video or other content. It’s a lot like Google’s Chromecast, but it’s expected o sell for $10 less. More importantly, it runs open source software based on Mozilla’s Firefox OS instead of Google’s Chrome software. The team behind the MatchStick […]