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WSJ: Google is developing modular “Lego-like” displays

Google seems to have a thing for modular devices. The company plans to release its first modular smartphones based on Project Ara designs in early 2015, letting customers pick and choose the hardware for their phones. Now the Wall Street Journal reports that Google is also developing modular display technology. The idea is that you’ll […]

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A dozen products with Pixel Qi sunlight viewable displays now avaialble

For the past few years Pixel Qi has been showing off its unique display solution at trade shows. And for the past few years folks interested in a display that looks like a normal color LCD indoors and like a high contrast E Ink display outdoors have been wondering where they could buy one. While […]

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First look at Pixel Qi’s 7 inch display, new netbooks, tablets

Pixel Qi has begun showing off its new 7 inch display based on the same technology used in the company’s low power 10.1 inch screen. Pixel Qi’s displays can function both as full color LCD screens and as high contrast, grayscale displays which are viewable without a backlight by relying on ambient lighting — much […]

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Pixel Qi to deliver 7 inch low power, high contrast screens next year

Pixel Qi founder Mary Lou Jepsen has announced that the company is working on a 7 inch version of its low power, dual mode displays. The 7 inch screens should ship in the first half of 2011, although samples could be available for companies looking to integrated the technology into their tablet computers and eBook […]

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Pixel Qi displays: Not just for 10 inch netbooks and tablets anymore

Pixel Qi’s fancypants display technology allows the company to create LCD screens that look good either in full color, or black and white modes. In black and white mode, the display looks almost like e-Ink, but doesn’t suffer from the slow screen refresh rate that plagues e-Ink. And in color mode, the display looks pretty […]

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Pixel Qi display shows up standard netbook displays in office lighting

Pixel Qi founder Mary Lou Jepsen is starting to make a habit of showing teasing us with cool new photos of the company’s upcoming display technology — which still isn’t available to the public yet. Her latest blog post shows an Acer Aspire One netbook outfitted with a prototype Pixel Qi display next to two […]