Naruto eOneBook is a dual-screen eReader with every volume of Naruto pre-loaded (crowdfunding)

A few years ago Progress Technologies introduced a First of the North Star eReader featuring dual E Ink displays and every issue of the popular Manga pre-loaded. Now they’re back with a Naruto version. It’s up for pre-order from Kickstarter for about $460 and up, and the price includes all 72 volumes of Naruto, which […]

$250 dual screen eReader is really book-like (in that you can’t load new content)

Ever wish eBook readers had two screens so you could open them up like a real book? Me either… but that’s because I use my Kindle for reading text. But if you’re reading graphic content like manga or other comics, you might be missing out on the full experience of viewing imagery that’s meant to […]

Amazon launches Kindle manga model with 32GB of storage in Japan (because pictures are bigger than words)

Most Amazon Kindle eReaders have 4GB of built-in storage, which is plenty of space if you spend most of your time reading books without a lot of pictures. You may be able to squeeze thousands of books onto a Kindle… which is more books than many┬ápeople will probably read in a lifetime. Things get a […]