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Raspberry Pi becomes the tiniest video game arcade cabinet you’ve ever seen

The Raspberry Pi may not be the most powerful computer around, but it’s fast enough to handle classic arcade-style video games. It’s also smaller than a pack of cards. So it was just a matter of time until someone made an arcade cabinet out of a Raspberry Pi… a tiny, tiny arcade cabinet. SpritMods took […]

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Nanocade DIY kit for turning a netbook, nettop into a MAME arcade cabinet

Sure, if you want to get your old-school game on with your netbook, all you have to do is load up MAME and track down some classic arcade games. But if you want a slightly more authentic experience, and happen to have some free time and $349, you can convert your netbook or other small […]

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Asus netbook sacrifices its live so that an Arcade game cabinet can live

Sure, you can throw a video game emulator on pretty much any computer and relive your youth by playing Pac Man, Frogger, and Galaga to your heart’s content. But it’s so much cooler if your computer looks like a classic arcade game tablet… which is why one hacker decided to dissect an old 9 inch […]