Oneplus to roll out fix for OnePlus 6 bootloader bypass vulnerability

If you’re the sort of person that likes to load custom ROMs on your smartphone, the ability to load system software without unlocking the bootloader might sound like a good thing. But it also means that anyone with physical access to your device might also be able to load malware. So when OnePlus was alerted […]

Windows Defender will start treating scareware cleaner/optimizer apps as malware

Microsoft has announced that its antivirus and anti-malware software will start treating free application that try to scare you into upgrading to paid software as “unwanted software.” That means they’ll be removed by Windows Defender, just like other malware. Microsoft says it’s expanding its definition of unwanted software to include program “that display coercive messaging” […]

Lenovo agrees to pay $3.5 million fine for Superfish, promises not to do it again

A few years after Lenovo was caught pre-installing adware on computers without informing customers, the company has reached a settlement with the US Federal Trade Commission and 32 state attorneys general from across the United States. Among other things, Lenovo will pay $3.5 million, get consent from customers before installing any similar software in the […]

Attack of the evil subtitles: Update your Kodi, VLC, or other affected media players

If you use a media player that supports third-party subtitles you should probably check to see if there’s an update today. Security researchers at Check point identified a vulnerability that allowed malware to be distributed via subtitle files. The company reached out to the developers of popular media players affected by the vulnerability before disclosing […]

Thousands of PCs infected with cryptocurrency mining software using same vulnerability as WannaCry

Last week tens of thousands of computers were infected with ransomware that took advantage of Windows security vulnerabilities first identified by the US National Security Agency and subsequently leaked to the world by a group called Shadow Brokers. While the quick work of a security researcher temporarily paused the spread of the WannaCry ransomware, it’s […]

Wannacrypt ransomware halted (for now), Microsoft patches Windows XP and up

On Friday a ransomware attack hit tens of thousands of computers around the world before it was (at least temporarily) stopped by a security researcher who found and activated a killswitch. But it’s possible the developer of the malware could tweak the code and try again, so the best protection is to make sure your computer’s […]

Ransomware using exploit identified by NSA is wreaking global havoc

Thousands of computers around the world are falling prey to a ransomware attack called WCry, although it’s also goes by WannaCry, WanaCryptor, or several other related names. According to the BBC, there have been reports of infected computers in “more than 70 countries, including the UK, US, China, Russia, Spain, Italy, and Taiwan.” The malware locks users […]

Whoops: Antivirus software Webroot bricks PCs by deleting Windows system files

Webroot provides security software for home and business users, and like most antivirus applications, the company’s software can identify and quarantine or delete potentially malicious files. Unfortunately on April 24th, a Webroot update mistakenly flagged hundreds of Windows system files as malware… causing many computers to stop working. The company says the bad virus definitions were […]