Magisk developer John Wu now works on Google’s Android security team (will continue working on Android root app)

Magisk is probably the most popular tool for rooting Android phones, which provides access to files and settings that are normally not available to end users. It also allows users to customize the way their devices look and perform. But by making it possible to modify portions of the operating system that are normally protected, […]

Magisk v21.1 adds Pixel 5 and Pixel 4a 5G support

Less than a month after adding support for Android 11, the developer of the popular Android rooting/customization utility Magisk has released a new version with bug fixes, stability improvements, and support for Google’s latest Pixel devices. According to @topjohnwu,¬†Magisk (beta) v21.1 is the first version to officially support the Google Pixel 5 and Google Pixel […]

Magisk Canary build lets you root devices running Android 11 DeveloperPreview

Android 11 isn’t set to ship until later this year, but Google has been releasing developer preview builds since February. And now you can root them using the latest pre-release build of Magisk. Magisk is one of the most popular tools for rooting Android phones and gaining access to files and settings that would otherwise […]

Some apps may stop working on rooted Android phones due to SafetyNet update

Google’s SafetyNet services and APIs allow Android app makers to ensure that they’re running on phones that haven’t been tampered with… at least in theory. In practice that would prevent you from running some Android apps on phones that have been rooted. But Magisk, the most popular tool for rooting smartphones also includes a “hide” […]

Walmart’s cheap Onn tablets are hackable (root, recovery & more)

This year Walmart launched a line of cheap Android tablets that sell for $50 to $100. While Walmart’s Onn tablets aren’t exactly high-performance devices, they do have one thing that helps set them apart from Amazon’s cheap line of Fire tablets — the Onn tablets run near-stock Android software with the Google Play Store and […]

Lilbits 355: Intel’s next-gen low-power chips coming in 2020, better graphics in tow

We already knew Intel’s follow up to the Gemini Lake line of cheap, low-power Celeron and Pentium processors would probably be code-named Elkhart Lake and that the new chips could pack way more performance, possibly by combining high-performance “Sunny Cove” CPU cores, lower-power “Tremont” cores, and Intel Gen11 graphics. Now, if a leaked product roadmap […]

Android hacks: Magisk updated and Xposed comes to Nougat (kind of)

Once upon a time if you wanted to totally change the look and feel of the Android software running on ¬†your phone, your best bet was probably to install a custom ROM. Then along came the Xposed framework, which lets you make deep changes to Android by installing and customizing modules, making the process almost […]