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Sailfish OS 3.4 brings multi-user support, browser improvements, and more

Sailfish OS is a Linux-based smartphone operating system that has its roots in the discontinued Maemo, MeeGo, and Moblin projects. This week the developers released Sailfish OS 3.4 featuring an updated browser engine with bug fixes, better reliability, and support for copying and pasting HTML text in the email client, among other things. Other changes […]

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Mer Project and Sailfish OS are merging (open source, Linux-based mobile operating systems)

Mer is an open source GNU/Linux operating system designed for mobile devices. Sailfish OS, the operating system that Jolla develops for smartphones, is probably the most popular operating system based on Mer (which isn’t really saying very much). And the two projects have been closely intertwined from the get go. So it’s not exactly a […]

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Neo900 inches closer to reality (project to update the Nokia N900 hardware)

The Nokia N900 smartphone was the last phone to ship with the open source, Linux-based Maemo operating system. It was released in late 2009, shortly before Maemo was merged with Moblin to become MeeGo… and then Nokia stopped supporting both operating systems and began focusing on Windows Phone software. Nokia’s phone business was later acquired by […]

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Open source Neo900 phone gets enough pre-orders to go into production

The Neo900 is a phone designed to pick up where Nokia’s discontinued N900 left off. The N900 was one of the last phones to ship with the open source Maemo Linux operating system, and the developers of the Neo900 want to bring Maemo back to life with a compatible device featuring a faster processor, more […]

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Neo900 keeps the Nokia N900 dream alive with promise of open hardware

Once upon a time, before Nokia joined forces with Microsoft, the company produced a line of high-end smartphones designed to run the open source Maemo Linux operating system. Those days are long gone, but some folks are keeping the dream alive — and hoping to raise funds to build an unofficial successor to the last […]

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Goodbye MeeGo, hello Tizen: Mobile OS for tablets, netbooks, phones

There’s a new open source, Linux-based mobile operating system in town. The Linux Foundation has announced the launch of Tizen, an operating system aimed at smartphones, tablets, netbooks, and other devices including in-vehicle entertainment systems and smart TVs. While the Linux Foundation will host the project, it will be led by Intel and Samsung. The […]

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Nokia may be working on dual screen 3D phone, Windows 8 tablet

A few leaks and rumors about Nokia’s future plans are making the rounds this morning. First up is a Nokia Communicator device that looks a bit like a Nintendo 3DS thanks to its two screens and 3D display technology. This device looks like something Nokia is actually considering, having shown up in a patent application […]

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Nokia to offer MeeGo dual boot option for the N900

The Nokia N900 is a smartphone that runs Maemo 5 Linux, one of the precursors to the new MeeGo operating system for netbooks, smartphones, in-car systems, kiosks, and other mobile devices. While Nokia doesn’t plan to officially sell the phone with MeeGo, the folks behind the MeeGo operating system have announced that MeeGo has been […]

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MeeGo Linux 1.0 released for netbooks – Video

MeeGo is a custom operating system designed for netbooks, phones and other internet-connected devices. Today the MeeGo team released MeeGo v1.0 for netbooks. The operating system is primarily aimed at developers right now, since there aren’t a ton of third party applications designed to run on MeeGo yet. But the operating system is fairly stable […]