Microsoft shows mobile app that describes the world to blind users

Microsoft has painted a picture of a future where you interact with websites, mobile apps, and everything else by speaking to chat bots who can understand you using natural language thanks to machine learning. But while you may not be sold on the need to talk to a virtual concierge to book your next hotel […]

Microsoft’s vision for future of Skype, Cortana: bots talking to bots

Microsoft is betting big that the way humans will interact with machines in the future is using natural language. That’s why the company launched the ill-fated Tay Twitter bot last week. It wast just one of a number of chat bots the company is working on to bring machine learning to play, allowing its software to […]

Google, Movidius want to bring visual machine learning to mobile devices

There are some smartphone apps that will allow you to point your camera at an object and receive information about it… but typically those apps have to connect to the internet. But Google and chip maker Movidius want to bring that sort of functionality to mobile devices without requiring an internet connection. The company’s have announced […]