Google’s Lyra audio codec delivers high-quality audio at low bit rates

Broadband wired and wireless internet connections are getting faster all the time. But in many parts of the world high-speed internet access is unavailable and/or unreliable. So researchers continue to find ways to find ways to use compression to save bandwidth while transmitting audio, video, images, and other content that typically uses a lot of […]

Gigabyte’s new Aero 15 “AI Laptop” uses machine learning for better performance

Gigabyte’s Aero 15 laptops are designed for gaming or professional use and they’ve got the horsepower to prove it. The latest model is available with up to an 8th-gen Intel Core i9-8950HK processor and NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Max-Q graphics. But it’s still a relatively compact machine: it measures just 14″ x 9.84″ x 0.74″ […]

Microsoft is building support for AI apps into Windows 10 with Windows ML

Some parts of Windows 10 already include artificial intelligence/machine learning to things like letting Cortana and Bing Search answer your questions and recognize your voice, allowing Windows Hello recognize your face, and enabling Windows understand your handwritten input. But this spring Microsoft will include a brand new API that lets third-party apps leverage your computer’s […]

ARM’s Project Trillium brings on-device machine learning to smartphones (and speakers, cars, and more)

Chip designer ARM is unveiling two new categories of processors designed to bring machine learning to low-power devices without the need to phone into a cloud server. The new ARM ML processor is a new type of chip designed for on-device machine learning, while the ARM OD processor is designer specifically for one type of […]

NVIDIA’s $3000 Titan V GPU is aimed at AI and scientific simulation, probably overkill for gaming

NVIDIA has unveiled the most powerful GPU ever designed to be used in a desktop computer. The NVIDIA Titan V offers up 9 times the performance of the company’s previous-gen Titan XP. It’s based on NVIDIA’s new Volta architecture, which the company says is twice as energy efficient as its previous-gen Pascal architecture. And the […]

Google introduces $45 AIY Vision Kit for DIY computer vision hardware projects

Google is launching a new hardware and software kit aimed at developers and hackers who want to build products that incorporate computer vision… on a budget. It’s called the AIY Vision Kit, and it’s up for pre-order from Micro Center for $45, with an expected ship date of December 31st. You’ll need to spend a […]

Moto Z2 Force and Moto X4 use Qualcomm’s Neural Processing Engine for speedy landmark detection (no Google Lens required)

Qualcomm’s Neural Processing Engine is a system that can leverage the GPU on some recent Qualcomm processors for hardware-accelerated image recognition and similar activities. But it only works if a phone maker enables the neural engine. Apparently Motorola has done that, because Qualcomm just announced that two already-shipping phones from the Lenovo subsidiary are the […]

Intel’s Neural Compute Stick brings machine learning to any PC

Intel’s first few “Compute Stick” products were basically fully functional PCs packed into a tiny case with an HDMI connector that you could plug directly into a display. The latest Compute Sticknot th from Intel is a little different. Intel subsidiary Movidius has launched a Neural Compute Stick that you can plug into the USB […]

Google Photo Book: buy a a printed book with your best photos (made with machine learning)

Odds are that you take a lot of photos with your smartphone camera… but getting them off your phone can be a bit of a pain. Google Photos helps by offering an option to automatically back up your pictures to the web. But if you want to print them and store them in a photo […]