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MacBook Pro with Core i5-8250U shows up at Geekbench

Apple may have just updated its MacBook lineup with models sporting 7th-gen Intel Core “Kaby Lake” chips a few months ago. But it looks like there’s a possibility that new models with 8th-gen Intel Core “Kaby Lake Refresh” processors are on the way. A series of listings in the Geekbench database suggest someone is running […]

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Apple updates MacBook Pro software after Consumer Reports finds wildly variable battery life

A few weeks ago Consumer Reports announced that it could not recommend the latest MacBook Pro laptops, making them the first MacBook models that the product rating agency couldn’t give a Recommended rating. While the laptops performed well in most performance and display quality tests, the problem was battery life: it was wildly inconsistent. Sometimes […]

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MacBook Pro Touch Bar apps include a Piano, Nyancat, and Lemmings

Apple’s new MacBook Pro is the company’s first laptop to feature a touchscreen… except instead of a 13 or 15 inch touchscreen display, Apple gives users a slim 2170 x 60 pixel Touch Bar in the space occupied by Fn keys on most laptops. You can use the touch-sensitive area for dynamic input that varies […]

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Apple slashes prices on USB-C adapters (temporarily) following MacBook Pro launch (and mixed reception)

The MacBook Pro line of laptops have long been popular with folks looking for, well, a “pro” machine that can get work done. But a lot of fans of earlier MacBook Pro laptops have expressed disappointment with this year’s models. While many had been waiting for Apple to launch models with updated processors, they were […]

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Apple’s cheapest MacBook Pro 13 doesn’t have a Touch Bar

The most notable thing about Apple’s new MacBook Pro laptops is the Touch Bar and fingerprint sensor above the keyboard. But it turns out that not all of the company’s new laptops have the distinctive new touch panel in the place where you’d normally find Fn keys. Alongside the new MacBook Pro 13 and MacBook Pro […]

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Apple introduces 2016 Macbook Pro with Touch Bar and Touch ID

Apple is launching new 13 and 15 inch MacBook Pro laptops, and they’re thinner and lighter than their predecessors. But as expected, that’s not the most unusual thing about these new notebooks. They’re the first to feature a new high-resolution, OLED touchscreen display above the keyboard. Apple calls it the Touch Bar, and it replaces […]

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Next-gen MacBook Pro leaked, features OLED toolbar above the keyboard

Apple’s holding an event later this week, where the company is expected to introduce a new MacBook pro laptop, among other things. And rumors have been making the rounds for months that one new feature for that laptop would be a touchscreen OLED toolbar above the keyboard, allowing you to interact with software-defined “keys” that […]

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Apple updates MacBook Air, MacBook Pro with Broadwell chips

Apple’s big new laptop announcement today may have been about a little laptop. But the company is also updating its MacBook Air and MacBook Pro lineup. New models featuring 5th-gen Intel Core i5 and Core i7 “Broadwell” processors are now available. The new processors aren’t the only improvements. Here are some of hte other upgrades: […]

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Lilbits (10-25-2013): T-Mobile offers free mobile hotspot

A few years ago Google added the ability to use Android phones as mobile hotspots — and wireless carriers pretty quickly started charging customers extra to use that feature. The move seemed a bit odd to some, since carriers weren’t giving users any more data to use during a given month, they were just charging for […]