Who needs Chrome OS? Mac OS X Lion will have browser-only mode

Google Chrome OS is getting a lot of attention these days for offering a simple new user interface for computers. Basically the entire operating system is a full screen web browser. As soon as you login you’re greeted with a browser window and while there’s support for pop-up notifications, file downloads, and some other desktop-style […]

BlackBerry Desktop Manager for Mac to add PlayBook tablet support… this summer

If you run the BlackBerry Desktop Manager app on a Windows computer and plug in a BlackBerry PlayBook tablet, you can use the software to sync your music, pictures, videos automatically. If you run the Mac version of the software… nothing happens when you plug in a PlayBook. That’s because Mac support won’t be available […]

Cydia Mac app store to launch alongside official Mac app store

App Stores are all the rage these days, making it easy to find all the best apps for a particular platform in one place. On the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad, there’s the iTunes App Store. Google Android has the Android Market. MeeGo (and Windows) netbooks have the Intel AppUp Center. And so on. Now […]

Everything you need to know to install OS X on a Dell Mini

Want to install OS X on your Dell Inspiron Mini netbook, but don’t feel like struggling with missing drivers, the lack of Ethernet support, and other inconveniences? Then just shell out the money for a MacBook. But if you’re looking for a thorough set of instructions for installing OS X, complete with troubleshooting advice, you […]