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Mac mini and iPad mini join forces to become a DIY laptop (sort of)

Apple’s Mac mini uses the same M1 processor the company’s MacBook Pro 13″ laptop, and offers similar performance at a lower price point. But it’s not mobile: there’s no keyboard, display, or battery, which means the Mac mini is meant to stay put. YouTuber Scott Yu-Jan changed that… kind of. With the help of a […]

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Lilbits: Mac Mini with M2, Tabs for Windows 11 File Explorer, and Google updates a bunch of Android apps and features

When Apple introduced the new Mac Studio mini-desktop with a choice of Apple M1 Max or M1 Ultra processors, the company also teased an upcoming Mac Pro refresh. One thing the company didn’t mention? A new Mac Mini. But rumor has it that  Apple could introduce one as soon as this June. And according to the […]

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Lilbits: Kodi 19.4 released, Vivo’s first foldable leaked, and screenless MacBooks as DIY Mac Minis

Chinese phone maker Vivo could be preparing to launch its first foldable phone… which would be more exciting if Vivo wasn’t the umpteenth company to do so. Valve’s Steam Deck handheld game console appears to still be in hot demand: the company has shifted ship dates for new orders back to Q3, 2022 which means […]

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Report: Apple could release a Mac Studio mini PC with M1 Max or better chips

Apple’s Mac Mini is the company’s smallest, most affordable desktop computer with prices starting at $699, an Apple M1 processor, and a body that measures 7.7″ x 7.7″ x 1.4″. So what’s next for the Mac Mini? While it’s possible Apple could shrink the computer without compromising performance, according a report from 9to5Mac that the company […]

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Mac mini(er): transplanting Apple Silicon into a smaller chassis

When Apple started its move from Intel to Apple Silicon a few years ago, the company promised to deliver higher performance and reduced power consumption and so far Apple has largely delivered on that promise. But the company’s first desktop computer with an M1 chip? It didn’t really take full advantage of the processor’s low […]

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Lilbits: Steam for Chromebooks minimum specs revealed, Galaxy Book Pro 2 360 leaked, and handheld gaming PCs benchmarked

Google’s been working to bring Valve’s Steam game client to Chromebooks for the past few years, and it looks like the effort is, umm… picking up steam. A recent code commit suggested we could see Chromebooks with the RGB keyboards often found in gaming laptops. And now the folks at 9to5Google have spotted a list […]

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Daily Deals (10-13-2021)

Apple’s M1 processor delivers some of the best single-core performance of any chip currently available for laptop or desktop computers, and while there are high-end chips that score higher in multi-core benchmarks, they also tend to consume a lot more power than Apple’s energy-efficient processors. One of the cheapest ways to get your hands on […]

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Apple Mac with M1 chip review roundup: Blazing fast, energy efficient, with some frustrating limitations

Apple made some bold claims when the company unveiled its first custom chip designed for Mac computers. It looks like many of those claims were true. The new MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, and Mac Mini with Apple M1 processors are shipping today, and the first reviews have gone live. For the most part, tech journalists […]