Vertu’s next overpriced phone could have decent specs

Luxury phone maker Vertu offers smartphones with premium features like titanium cases with leather covers, sapphire displays, and extraordinarily high price tags. The Vertu Constellation, for instance, sells for over $6,000. At that price, you’d expect a phone with top notch specs, but the Constellation’s hardware was already a bit dated when it launched in 2013. […]

Lumigon introduces T2 HD smartphone with premium finish, mid-range specs

Danish phone maker Lumigon is updating its line of premium Android handsets with the new Lumigon T2 HD. It’s a 4.3 inch smartphone with a stainless steel, dust and water resistant case. Lumgon plans to launch the phone in Denmark in the second quarter of 2014 for 730 Euros, or about $1000 including tax. But […]

Vertu Constellation is a $6,630 Android phone (which nobody should buy)

Android smartphones with the latest hardware can often have price tags of $600 or higher if you buy the phone outright instead of picking one up from a wireless carrier and paying it off over the course of your contract. But Vertu thinks there’s a market for luxury smartphones that cost 10 times as much. […]

Lamborghini L2800 Android tablet will set you back $2300

Have you been looking for the perfect Android tablet to go with your $300,000 sports car? Lamborghini is apparently introducing a new Android tablet with a stylish case, distinctly mediocre specs, and a price tag that matches the brand name. According to Russian site, the Lamborghini L2800 tablet will sell for about 75,000 rubles, […]