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Ubuntu 13.04 Raring Ringtail released (along with Kubuntu, Lubuntu, Xubuntu)

Canonical has released Ubuntu 13.04 Raring Ringtail. If you’ve used the popular Linux operating system in the last year or two, it should look pretty familiar. But the new version is faster, features user interface tweaks, and a number of subtle changes. Ubuntu 13.04 is available for download, and comes in 32-bit and 64-bit flavors. […]

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Ubuntu 12.10 Alpha 2 now available

Canonical has released a second alpha for Ubuntu 12.10. The next version of the popular Linux-based operating system is scheduled for an October launch, but you can check out the latest pre-release version today. Ubuntu 12.10 Alpha uses Linux kernel 3.5 and updates to several filesystem pacakges. The Firefox web browser and Thunderbird email client […]

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How to enable 1080p output for the MK802 Mini PC (Ubuntu)

The MK802 Mini PC is an inexpensive computer that’s about the size of a large USB flash drive. It ships with Google Android 4.0 software, but as we’ve already seen it can also run Ubuntu, Puppy, and other Linux-based operating systems. While the hardware can handle 1080p screen resolutions, out of the box the MK802 […]

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Ubuntu 12.04 (and Lubuntu 12.04) images for the MK802 mini PC

Just in case you had any doubt that the MK802 $74 PC-on-a-stick was a versatile computer, the folks at Miniand Tech have compiled several versions of Ubuntu 12.04 Linux that can run on the little computer. We’ve already demonstrated that the MK802 can handle Android 4.0 (which it ships with), Puppy Linux, and Ubuntu 10.04. […]

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Lubuntu to join the official Ubuntu family (Linux distro with light-weight desktop environment)

It’s become something of a cliche to say that one way to breath new life into an older computer is to install a Linux-based operating system. But not all Linux distributions are created equal. While many can run on a PC with just a few GB of disk space or less, a small amount of […]