Chinese chip maker Loongson has designed its own CPU instruction set architecture (ISA)

Chinese chip maker Loongson used to make processors based on MIPS architecture, but MIPS isn’t what it used to be and the company that developed the technology has even pivoted to making chips using the RISC-V instruction set. Now Loongson is trying something new: rather than adopt RISC-V, ARM, or x86 architecture, the company has […]

Google Android could run on netbooks with Loongson chips

The Loongson processor isn’t exactly common in the west. But this CPU developed in China is likely to start showing up on a growing number of Chinese notebooks — not to mention the Emtec Gdium Liberty netbook. Right now, most Loongson-based notebooks run Linux. But China’s Lemote Technology is working on porting GOogle Android to […]

Google Chrome coming next month? And to Loongson-powered netbooks?

It’s no secret that Google is working on an operating system aimed at netbooks (at least initially) called Google Chrome Operating System. But while the company announced a few months ago that the OS would be available as a developer preview by the end of the year and wouldn’t actually show up on devices until […]