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AYN Loki Max begins shipping to (some) customers: Handheld gaming PC with 6 inch display and Ryzen 7 6800U

The AYN Loki Max is a handheld gaming PC that was announced a year ago as part of a whole slate of Windows handhelds from the company behind the AYN Odin line of Android-powered portable gaming devices. With an AMD Ryzen 7 6800U processor, the Loki Max should offer gaming performance that’s competitive with some […]

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AYN Loki Zero is an entry-level handheld gaming PC (pre-order pricing starts at $199)

Handheld gaming PC makers are in an arms race to see which company can offer the lowest-priced model still capable of playing at least some PC games. But the latest entry is the most affordable yet. The AYN Loki Zero features a 6 inch, 720p LCD display, an AMD Athlon 3050e processor with Radeon Vega 3 […]

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AYN Loki handheld gaming PC is available for pre-order for $260 and up with Intel or AMD processor options

The AYN Loki is one of the most affordable Windows-ready handheld gaming PCs to date. First announced last week, the AYN Loki is now available for pre-order for $260 and up. While that price is only for a model with entry-level specs, you should be able to play less demanding games and retro titles. And […]

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Lilbits (5-24-2013): Gmail app redesign, Galaxy S4 bootloader bypass, Pinguy 13.04

The developers of Pinguy Linux have released version 13.04, which is based on Ubuntu 13.04. But it includes a number of features that you don’t get from a standard Ubuntu installation. Meanwhile, a hacker has figured out a way to bypass the bootloader and install custom firmware on the AT&T and Verizon models of the […]