Logitech will put carbon impact ratings on boxes for all its products

Logitech makes PC and mobile accessories including mice, keyboards, speakers, webcams, headsets, chargers, and video conferencing products. In other words, a lot of stuff made from metal and plastic. But the company says it takes sustainability seriously — and one step it plans to take is placing a carbon impact label on the packaging for […]

Logitech Combo Touch is a $150 backlit keyboard & trackpad cover for 10 inch iPads

Apple’s new 2020 iPad Pro models will be the company’s first tablets to ship with support for mouse and trackpad input. But when iOS 13.4 rolls out to older iPads next week, you’ll be able to use those pointing accessories with most recent iPads… with no need to spend $799 or more on an iPad […]

Logitech launches its first “Made for Google” wireless mouse and keyboard

Logitech is well known for its keyboards, mice, speakers, webcams, and other PC accessories. In recent years the company has also expanded into iPad accessories including keyboards and… crayons. Now Logitech is launching its first “Made for Google” accessories designed for Chrome OS. The $30 Logitech M355 portable wireless mouse and a new Chrome OS […]

Daily Deals (3-29-2019)

Amazon is running a 1-day sale on Logitech PC accessories including mice and keyboards for general purpose computing and/or gaming. Meanwhile Dell is selling some Logitech accessories for even lower prices. All of which is to say today’s a pretty good day to shop for a mouse or keyboard — the Logitech MX Anywhere 2 […]

Logitech’s newest webcam has a privacy shutter (or you could just unplug your old camera)

Logitech’s C920 line of webcams have been pretty popular for years thanks to a decent feature set and relatively affordable price tag. I picked one up about three years ago when I decided it was finally time I owned a camera that offered better voice and video camera than I could get using the built-in […]

Daily Deals (1-31-2019)

Amazon is running a 1-day sale on Logitech PC accessories, which makes today a pretty good time to shop for a new mouse, keyboard, headset, or set of speakers for your computer. Speaking of computers — normally I wouldn’t recommend anyone go out and buy an Asus NovaGo convertible laptop. Windows is just too slow […]