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ZaReason Teo: Pine Trail netbook with an Ubuntu Linux twist

Linux system builder ZaReason appears to have launched a new Linux netbook. While there’s no information about the new Teo netbook on the ZaReason web site, you can already order one from Amazon for $460. The Teo bears a more than passing resemblance to the original MSI Wind U100 10 inch netbook, and I wouldn’t […]

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Jolicloud goes Chrome: Netbook OS uses Google Chrome for web apps

The latest version of the Jolicloud netbook operating system is now available for download.And as expected, it changes the rendering engine for web-based applications from Mozilla to Chrome. One of the things that makes Jolicloud stand out is the fact that you can install either native Linux applications or web-based apps like twitter, Gmail, or […]

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Dell offers new Mini 10 netbook with Linux in Japan

Dell Japan is selling the Linux version of the new Inspiron Mini 10 netbook. Like the Windows version, the Linux model has a 1.66GHz Intel Atom N450 processor, a 10.1 inch, 1024 x 600 pixel display, 1GB of RAM, a 160GB hard drive, and 802.11b/g/n WiFi. But it comes with an open source operating system. […]

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Jolicloud netbook OS getting nettop support, faster web apps

The Jolicloud team has announced that the final release of Jolicloud “Robby” is due out before the end of the month. The update will incorporate a number of features we’ve already told you about, including support for Intel Atom Pine Trail and VIA C7-M processors. But there are two major new features: The web app […]

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Ubuntu Netbook Edition remixed for ARM-based smartbooks

Ubuntu Netbook Edition is a version of the popular Ubuntu Linux operating system that’s been optimized to play well with netbooks with small screens and low power processors. So far the Ubuntu Netbook folks have focused primarily on machines with Intel Atom processors — which covers most of the netbooks currently on the market. But […]