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Linutop 5 is a fanless, Linux mini-desktop (with outdated specs)

Linutop has launched a new mini-desktop computer which uses less than 14 watts, runs Ubuntu Linux, and is sadly barely any better than the model the company launched two and a half years ago. The Linutop 5 is kind of cool by virtue of being a low-power, fanless computer ships with Linux. But while the […]

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Linutop 3 nettop features Atom CPU, fanless design

Last time I checked in with the folks at Linutop, they had launched a Linux-based mini-desktop with a low power VIA C7 processor. Now it looks like the company has released an updated model called the Linutop 3 which swaps out the VIA chip for a 1.6GHz Intel Atom processor. The Linutop 3 isn’t exactly […]

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VIA C7 processor makes a comeback… in Linutop 3 Linux nettop

I’m not entirely convinced that nettops are the new netbooks. But it seems like everybody and his kid brother is busy putting out a tiny desktop computer with a slow processor these days. But while you might be willing to put up with below-average performance on a netbook that gets excellent battery life and weighs […]