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Acer Aspire C all-in-one desktops available with Linux, Windows, or FreeDOS

Acer’s new all-in-one desktop PCs look more like displays than fully functional computers. The Acer Aspire C desktops come with a choice of 21.5 inch or 23.8 inch displays, and both models have bezels that are just under a third of an inch thick. The company offers models with up to 8GB of RAM, up […]

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Linpus retools Android 4.0 for x86 tablets, netbooks

Linpus is rolling out a new version of its Android-based operating system designed to run on tablets, netbooks, and notebooks with x86 processors. It’s based on Google Android 4.0, and the notebook version adds support for hardware that you wouldn’t normally find on an Android tablet. Linpus made a little bit of a name for […]

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Linpus shows off new touchscreen tablet UI based on MeeGo

The folks at Linpus have been offering customized Linux-based operating systems for netbooks for the past few years. The first netbooks that Acer released ran Linpus software. As expected, the developers of Linpus are now taking aim at the tablet space with the launch of a new Linux-based OS designed for touchscreen displays. Netbook News […]

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Linpus to launch Tablet software based on MeeGo Linux by year’s end

MeeGo is a Linux environment designed for mobile devices with small displays, including netbooks, smartphones, in-car entertainments systems and tablets. So far, only the netbook version has been released to the general public, but the slate version is due out soon, and one of the first Linux software distributions looking to take advantage of the […]

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Linpus Linux: Now with netbook, slate, MeeGo editions

The first Acer netbooks to hit the market in 2008 were running Linpus Linux Lite, a custom Linux distribution optimized for small screens. While you don’t see many Linux netbooks anymore, the folks at Linpus haven’t given up on the mobile space, and they’re showing off the latest versions of Linpus for netbooks and tablets. […]

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Unidentified netbook prototype shows up at CeBIT – Video

Linpus is probably best known as the group that makes the Linpus Linux Lite operating system found on the Acer Aspire One netbook. But the copany had another netbook running the operating system on display at CeBIT last week. Sascha from Netbook checked out the unnamed prototype and posted a video which you can […]