Cyanogen Inc seems to be rebranding as Andrasta

The developers of the popular Android-based, open-source CyanogenMod operating system recently left the project and started something new called LineageOS. The move comes after a separation with Cyanogen Inc, a company that was originally started as a way to commercialize the work of the CyanogenMod team. After a bitter falling out, the community-based CyanogenMod wanted […]

Official LineageOS builds now available for select phones (CyanogenMod evolved)

The former developers of the popular CyanogenMod software for smartphones and other devices have been migrating to a new project called LineageOS for the past few weeks. Now they’ve released the first official builds of LineageOS. It’s already available for download for a small set of phone, and eventually there will be official builds for more […]

CyanogenMod successor LineageOS to support 80+ devices with weekly releases

The former developers of CyanogenMod are getting ready to start releasing their new Android-based operating system called LineageOS. There are already a number of unofficial builds, and more than 50,000 devices are running some of those builds. But soon you’ll be able to get official versions of LineageOS for more than 80 different phones and […]

LineageOS development begins, picking up the pieces of CyanogenMod

Shortly after announcing that it was getting out of the smartphone operating system game, Cyanogen Inc pulled the plug on some of the key resources used by the developers of the open-source, community-based CyanogenMod operating system. As promised, those CyanogenMod developers are continuing to work on their popular custom version of Android. But it has […]