LineageOS 16 released, brings Android 9 Pie to over two dozen phones and tablets

Custom ROMs for Android phones and tablets can bring features that might not be available in the software that ships with your device. But they can also be a way to keep older devices up to date long after the manufacturer stops offering software updates. Case in point: the team behind LineageOS (which grew out […]

LineageOS development begins, picking up the pieces of CyanogenMod

Shortly after announcing that it was getting out of the smartphone operating system game, Cyanogen Inc pulled the plug on some of the key resources used by the developers of the open-source, community-based CyanogenMod operating system. As promised, those CyanogenMod developers are continuing to work on their popular custom version of Android. But it has […]

CyanogenMod is dead… but Lineage will pick up where CM leaves off

Hot on the heels of news that Cyanogen OS is effectively dying at the end of the year, the developers of the open source CyanogenMod operating system have announced the end of that project as well… kind of. The team plans to fork the existing CyanogenMod code, eliminate reliance of Cyanogen services, make some other […]