Allwinner joins Linaro Digital Home Group, commits to open source chip support

Allwinner manufactures ARM-based chips used in tablets, TV boxes, and other low-power devices. While most of those products ship with Google Android software, developers have been porting Ubuntu and other Linux-based operating systems to run on devices with Allwinner chips for years, and the chip maker has been providing some source code and documentation to […]

CyanogenMod 9 won’t include the Linaro Toolkit… yet

Recently the folks at Linaro have been showing off a build of Google Android which runs much faster than the latest official versions from the Android Open Source Project thanks to toolchain optimizations and the use of GCC 4.7. We’ve already started to see custom ROM builders incorporate the Linaro toolchain into custom versions of […]

gedeROM Android 4.0 brings Linaro speed bump to Kindle Fire

The developers at Linaro have been showing off some code optimizations that allow Google Android 4.0 to run up to 100 percent faster under some conditions. It’s not clear if or when these tweaks will end up in the official version of Android that Google ships to phone and tablet makers — but the changes […]

ARM, Freescale, IBM, Samsung and others launch Linaro to push Linux for ARM-based devices

A number of technology companies working with ARM-based processors have joined together to create a new non-profit organization called Linaro. What does Linaro do? Basically, the goal of the group is to develop and distribute technology that will make it easier for device makers to put Linux on ARM-based products including phones, netbooks, tablets and […]