GPD P2 Max 8.9 inch mini laptop will come with a USB LED light (since the keyboard isn’t backlit)

The GPD P2 Max is one of the better mini-laptops I’ve tested in recent years, thanks to decent performance and a bigger screen and keyboard than you’ll find on any GPD device to date. But one issue I noted in my review of this 8.9 inch laptop was the lack of a backlit keyboard, which […]

Nokia 9 PureView is the first smartphone with 5 rear cameras

HMD’s Nokia-branded smartphones have earned a reputation for offering solid features at affordable prices. But for the most part they haven’t pushed the boundaries for what we expect from a modern smartphone. The company’s new Nokia 9 PureView is the first example of what it looks like when HMD/Nokia tries to get distinctive. Like many […]

Light and Sony partner on reference designs for multi-camera smartphones

Phones with three rear cameras are becoming common. Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Fold has six cameras including three on the back, two on the front, and one on the… umm, other front. And HMD is probably going to introduce the first smartphone with five rear cameras next week. So what’s next? Last year we learned that […]