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Maker of the Narrative Clip life-logging camera closes up shop

For the last few years Narrative has been offering small wearable cameras designed to snap thousands of pictures a day without any user intervention. The idea was to create a record of your day, allowing you to find the best pictures online. But it looks like building a profitable business around the concept of “lifelogging” may […]

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Samsung’s latest C-Lab projects include lifelogger, IoT controller, helmet communicator

Samsung’s C-Lab program is a sort of incubator for new hardware and software projects from Samsung employees. Since unveiling the C-Lab to the public in December, we’ve seen projects including a watch that turns your fingertips into a Bluetooth earpiece (through vibration), an app that can transcribe music when you hum a tune, a fitness […]

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Narrative unveils Clip 2: next-gen lifelogger with better camera, WiFi and Bluetooth

The makers of the Narrative Clip lifelogger are working on a new model with a better camera and the ability to upload your photos via WiFi or Bluetooth. Like the original Narrative Clip, the new Clip 2 is a wearable device that you can clip to your shirt to snap photos every 30 seconds throughout your day. […]

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Memoto becomes Narrative, plans to ship life-logging camera Nov 1st

A year after raising half a million dollars to bring a camera that can record your life in 4000 pictures a day, the developers of the Memoto lifelogger are ready to launch their tiny wearable camera. It just won’t be called the Memoto. Meet the Narrative Clip. Narrative says the first units will be sent to […]

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Memoto raising funds for wearable camera to capture your life with 4000 photos a day

If you’ve got a smartphone, odds are you’ve always got a camera on you which you can use to document your experiences. But how often to you actually pull it out to take photos? A new project called Memoto wants to bring a tiny, wearable camera to market that automatically documents your experiences by snapping […]