LG’s 48 inch bendable display is a flat screen TV and a curved monitor

Flat screen TVs and monitors have become the norm these days, but some display makers have been putting out curved displays for a more immersive experience while gaming. Now LG is introducing a new 48 inch bendable display that the company says offers the best of both worlds: it can be folded at a radius of […]

Lilbits: Samsung and LG leaks, Chrome OS Phone Hub, and Raspberry Pi HiFi

Google makes the Android operating system that powers most of the world’s smartphones. And Google makes the Chrome OS operating system that powers a growing number of laptops. So you’d think that the company would want to make sure the two play nicely with one another… and you’d be right. It’s just taking a bit […]

At least LG is trying something new, I guess (More LG Wing leaks)

LG is holding an event on September 14th, when the company is expected to officially launch its next weird phone. And when I say weird, I mean the upcoming LG Wing is a foldable convertible smartphone with two displays… except rather than unfolding to create a tablet or book-like device, the screens swivel to create a […]