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Lilbits (5-08-2013): Ouya game console tear-down, Marvel Unlimited comes to Android

The folks at iFixit may run a community with information on fixing broken gadgets, but you can’t fix it if it ain’t broke — and they’ve made a name for themselves by breaking down the latest gear to see what makes it tick… and whether it’s possible to put it back together again. Ouya’s $99 […]

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LG puts Android tablet plans on hold, waits for Gingerbread

Google has already said that it doesn’t consider Android 2.x to be an operating system suitable for tablets. While Samsung, Dell, Toshiba, and a number of other device makers seem to disagree, LG seems to be on the same page as Google. The company had been planning to launch a tablet using Android 2.2, but […]

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LG introduces Optimus PAD

We’ve known that electronics maker LG was planning to enter the Android tablet space for a while. Now it loks like the companyis taking the first step. At an event in Brussels this week, LG unveiled its latest smartphones… and teased a new device called the Optimus PAD which is still in development. There’s not […]