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LG Gram 2017 ultralight notebooks go on sale for $1000 and up

The latest LG Gram laptops are now available for purchase in the US, with prices starting at $1,000 for an entry-level model. LG’s Gram line of computers get their name from their extraordinarily light weight: historically the laptops have weighed about one kilogram, or roughly 2.2 pounds. The new 2017 models LG unveiled at CES […]

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LG claims its 2 pound LG Gram laptops get 24-hour battery life (but not really)

As expected, LG is updating its LG Gram line of compact notebooks just ahead of the annual Consumer Electronics Show. The new LG Gram laptops feature Intel Kaby Lake processors and LG will offer models with 13.3 inch, 14 inch, and 15.6 inch displays… and each version weighs about 2.4 pounds or less. The new 15.6 inch […]

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2017 LG Gram laptops shed weight, gain Thunderbolt 3 and fingerprint scanners (leaks)

The LG Gram of notebooks are ultraportable computers that weigh about a kilogram, which explains the name. But is looks like LG’s next-gen models will be a bit lighter, weighing just 940 grams, or about 2.1 pounds. At the same time, LG is apparently adding features including a fingerprint sensor built into the touchpad and a […]

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Deals of the Day (4-11-2016)

The LG Gram line of notebooks have screen sizes ranging from 13.3 to 15.6 inches. But there’s one thing these notebooks have in common: they’re ridiculously light, weighing in at around 2.2 pounds. While you usually have to pay a premium price to get a 2.2 pounds notebook with a Core i5 chip, a full […]

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LG Gram 15: A big laptop that weighs just 2.2 pounds

The LG Gram line of laptops are notebooks that weigh about a kilogram, which is roughly 2.2 pounds. The company has been offering models with 13.3 inch and 14 inch displays for a little while, and now LG is showing off a 2.2 pound laptop with a 15.6 inch display. Normally I don’t pay a […]

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LG introduces a 15.6 inch laptop that weighs 2.2 pounds

There’s no shortage of thin and light laptops on the market, but LG’s Gram line features some of the most compact models around. The company currently offers models with 13.3 inch and 14 inch displays, and both laptops measures just 0.5 inches thick and weigh just 2.16 pounds. So what’s next? LG has a new […]