Exclusive: LG Gram 2019 laptops include 14 inch convertible, 17 inch thin-and-light

The LG Gram line of laptops is entering new territory in 2018. The new models are still thin and light laptops but LG is introducing its first convertible tablet-style model, as well as the first LG Gram laptop with a 17 inch display. LG hasn’t officially announced the new laptops yet, but a reliable source […]

LG Gram 17 may be on the way (big screen, small weight)

LG has been selling a line of thin and light laptops under the LG Gram name for a number of years. They get that name because they tend to weigh about a kilogram (2.2 pounds) regardless of whether they have 13.3 inch, 14 inch, or 15.6 inch displays (although some recent models are closer to […]

LG Gram (2018) laptops launch in the US (quad-core chips, 2.4 pounds or less)

LG showed off the latest members of the LG Gram laptop lineup at CES in January, and now they’re starting to go on sale in the US. The laptops get their name from their light weight: the company’s new 14 inch model weighs about a kilogram, or roughly 2.2 pounds. There are also 13.3 inch […]