12 inch Lenovo Yoga Book on the way?

Lenovo’s new Yoga Book is an odd computer that straddles a previously non-existent line between laptop, tablet, and graphics slate. The first Lenovo Yoga Book models feature 10 inch touchscreen displays, 360-degree hinges, and Wacom graphics tablets where you’d normally find a keyboard. But you can also press a portion of that pressure-sensitive surface to […]

Lenovo Yoga Book up for pre-order for $500 and up

Lenovo’s Yoga Book convertible laptops are some of the strangest personal computers unveiled this year. First introduced at IFA in Berlin a few weeks ago, this laptop with a Wacom digitizer where you’d normally find a keyboard is now available for pre-order in the United States. A Lenovo Yoga Book with Android is priced at $500, […]

Hands-on with the Lenovo Yoga Book

When details about Lenovo’s Yoga Book started to leak earlier this year it was clear that the laptop would feature a convertible tablet-style design. What wasn’t at all clear until Lenovo officially unveiled the Yoga Book in August was that the Yoga Book was unlike any convertible notebook you’ve ever seen before. That’s because it doesn’t […]

Lenovo Yoga Book has multi-purpose touch surface instead of physical keyboard

Lenovo has been offering convertible notebooks under its Yoga brand for a few years. Thanks to a 360 degree hinge and touchscreen display, you can fold the screen all the way back and use a Yoga PC like a tablet. But the new 10.1 inch Lenovo Yoga Book takes things even further. Instead of a physical […]

Lenovo Yoga Book convertible notebook leaked (again)

The Lenovo Yoga Book is a small convertible notebook that measures  about 0.38 inches thick, features a 360 degree hinge that lets you fold the touchscreen display back for use in tablet mode, and a battery that Lenovo says is good for up to 15 hours of run time. Lenovo hasn’t officially announced the Yoga […]