12 inch Lenovo Yoga Book tablet with touch keyboard coming soon for $300?

Lenovo’s Yoga Book was one of the most unusual laptops to launch in 2016. The 1.5 pound computer features a 10 inch touchscreen display and a 360 degree hinge that allows you to hold the machine like a notebook or a tablet. But instead of a physical keyboard, it has pressure-sensitive Wacom graphics tablet/digitizer that […]

12 inch Lenovo Yoga Book on the way?

Lenovo’s new Yoga Book is an odd computer that straddles a previously non-existent line between laptop, tablet, and graphics slate. The first Lenovo Yoga Book models feature 10 inch touchscreen displays, 360-degree hinges, and Wacom graphics tablets where you’d normally find a keyboard. But you can also press a portion of that pressure-sensitive surface to […]