Daily Deals (1-13-2020)

Now that laptops with 10th-gen Intel Core processors are becoming common, PC makers and retailers seem to be looking to clear out their inventory of devices with 8th-gen chips… which means you can score a pretty good deal on slightly older, but still pretty current notebooks. Case in point — Lenovo is selling the IdeaPad […]

Daily Deals (5-24-2019)

Laptops powered by Intel’s upcoming 10nm “Ice Lake” chips are expected to ship later this year. So maybe that’s why we’re seeing PC makers clearing out inventory of computers sporting previous-gen Whiskey Lake and Kaby Lake Refresh chips. Whatever the reason, I’m not complaining about the fact that Lenovo is selling a 2.4 pound laptop […]

Daily Deals (3-26-2019)

It’s not hard to find a decent thin and light laptop for less than $1000 these days… if you’re satisfied with models that ship with 8GB of RAM or less. Models with 16GB or more tend to cost… well, more. But Lenovo’s running a sale right now that lets you pick up an IdeaPad 730s […]