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Rumor/leak: Google’s next-gen Nexus 7 coming July 24th

There’s mounting evidence that Google will unveil a new Nexus 7 tablet on July 24th. Android and Chrome boss Sundar Pichai is hosting a press event on that date, and while it’s possible he wants to talk about Android 4.3, new Chromebooks, or something else, there are a few other clues suggesting a new Nexus […]

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Leak: Intel’s Obsidian UI for Tizen smartphones

The first smartphones running the Tizen operating system are expected to ship later this year. Tizen is a Linux-based operating system designed with an emphasis on mobile devices including phones, tablets, and notebooks — and it’s backed by Intel, Samsung, and the Linux Foundation. While we’ve already had a look at what Tizen looks like, […]

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Hisense Sero 7 tablets with dual, quad-core chips to sell for $99 and up

Chinese device maker Hisense is getting ready to launch its first Android tablets in the US. The company’s Hisense Sero 7 Lite tablet hit the FCC last month, and now SlashGear reports that it will be available in the US soon for $99 and up. Update: It looks like both the Hisense Sero 7 Lite […]

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Leak: Toshiba AT10LE tablet with Tegra 4, keyboard dock

Toshiba hasn’t yet announced plans to release a tablet with an NVIDIA Tegra 4 processor. But  a few weeks ago benchmark results for an unannounced Toshiba AT10LE tablet appearing to sport NVIDIA’s new chip started to make the rounds. Now Greek site has some more details — and pictures. The Toshiba AT10LE-A appears to […]

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Next-generation Motorola XOOM details, photos leaked

When Motorola launched the XOOM tablet in February, it was the first 10 inch Android tablet to feature Google Android 3.0 Honeycomb. That, in turn, was the first version of Android to be optimized for tablets with larger-than-smartphone displays. But in the months since then, the market has become flooded with similar devices from Acer, […]

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HP to launch 64GB TouchPad tablet, plus 4G model next month?

The HP TouchPad tablet currently comes in two models: one with 16GB of storage and another with 32GB. But starting next month there may be a few new options including a 64GB model and a version with support for AT&T’s HSPA+ 4G wireless network. PreCentral obtained a leaked document with information about HP’s upcoming plans […]