Microsoft sues Foxconn, Inventec Barnes & Noble for patent infringement in Android devices

Microsoft is continuing its fight against Android… not just by focusing on Windows tablets and Windows Phone 7 smartphones, but also by taking legal action against companies producing Android devices that Microsoft says are in violation of the company’s patents. Last year Microsoft sued Motorola over patent infringement in some Motorola smartphones. Now Microsoft has […]

Smartbook trademark battle heats up: Qualcomm gets a restraining order

The fight over the term “smartbook” is starting to look about as contentious as the battle for “netbook.” The difference is that the Germany company that owns the trademark for Smartbook might have a better case. It’s currently selling products under the name and it’s actively working to protect the trademark just a few months […]

It’s official: Psion drops “netbook” trademark suit against Intel

After months of trading barbs, calling each other names and, you know, filing documents in court, it looks like the trademark dispute between Psion and Intel has come to an end. The two companies have settled the case with Psion voluntarily withdrawing all of its trademark registrations for the term “netbook.” In other words, bloggers, […]

Intel to Psion: Nuh uh, you did NOT sell netbooks after 2003

And the shouting match between Intel and Psion continues. Psion, if you’ll remember is the company behind a series of ahead-of-their-time clamshell mini-computers. The last few products in Psion’s handheld PC lineup were called Netbooks. Late last year the company started threatening legal action to retailers, computer makers, and bloggers who were using the word […]