T-Mobile and Sprint merger moves closer after federal judge rules in favor

The four largest wireless carriers in the United States could become three soon. Nearly two years ago T-Mobile announced plans to acquire Sprint, and the merger was approved by the FCC in 2019. But a group of attorneys general from 13 states and Washington DC filed a lawsuit challenging the deal. Today a federal judge […]

LG settles lawsuit over smartphone bootloops, offers cash or rebate payouts

A handful of LG smartphones released over the past few years have been notoriously prone to “bootloops,” which cause the phone to shut down unexpectedly and then fail to fully boot (often restarting over and over, hence the “loop.” Last year the law firm of Girard Gibbs filed a class action lawsuit on behalf of […]

Lawsuit reveals privacy-focused Blackphone was a sales flop

A few years after launching a line of smartphones designed to protect users privacy and security, the makers of the Blackphone are taking one another to court. Swiss software company Silent Circle had partnered with Spanish phone maker Geeksphone to make the Blackphone and Blackphone 2. But court documents reveal that the companies overestimated demand […]

Qualcomm sues smartphone maker Meizu over patent infringement

Chinese smartphone company Meizu may be using processors from MediaTek and Samsung in most of its latest phones. But US chip maker Qualcomm has filed a complaint with regulators in Beijing, claiming that Meizu is using Qualcomm’s patented technology without a license. At issue are Qualcomm’s patents relating to 3G and 4G LTE wireless communications. […]

Beijing regulators: iPhone 6 and 6 Plus violate patents, can’t be sold in Beijing

Chinese companies have a long and proud history of copying Apple products. But the latest Chinese patent dispute in China involving Apple has an unusual twist: it’s Apple that’s been sued for patent infringement. The maker of a Chinese phone called the 100C sued Apple, claiming that the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus infringe […]

Jury orders Samsung to pay Apple $1 billion in damages for patent infringement

After weeks of arguments and years of build-up, jurors in a US court reached a verdict in the legal battle between Apple and Samsung over smartphone and tablet patents. Jurors found that Samsung infringed on a number of Apple’s patents for mobile device hardware and software and ordered the company to pay more than $1 […]