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Firefox Launcher for Android is a contextual home screen (coming soon)

Mozilla’s Firefox web browser is already available for Android. Soon you may be able to replace your home screen with Mozilla software as well. Mozilla and EverythingMe are working on a new app called Firefox Launcher. Like EverythingMe’s existing home screen app, Firefox Launcher is a contextual app launcher. That means instead of showing you […]

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Most launcher apps for Android let you arrange shortcuts for your favorite apps on contacts on the home screen and arrange widgets the way you like. take a different approach (although you can arrange apps and widgets if you like). Front and center is in the launcher is a search box. Just type […]

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Facebook Home: Facebook tweaks Android to be about people rather than apps

Facebook is introducing a new suite of software for Android phones designed to turn nearly any handset into a “Facebook phone.” It’s called Facebook Home, and basically it’s a replacement for the home screen, launcher, notification, and messaging apps that come on your phone. Facebook Home will be available from the Google Play Store soon […]

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BlackBerry PlayBook (almost) transformed into an Android tablet

Research in Motion recently released a public beta build of BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0 which, among other things, allows the tablet to run Google Android apps. This doesn’t exactly turn the PlayBook into an Android tablet — it’s still running RIM’s QNX-based software. You can’t just fire up the Android Market to download apps either. […]