ZimaBoard is a hackable single-board server with Intel Apollo Lake (crowdfunding)

Folks have been using inexpensive single-board computers like the Raspberry Pi to create DIY home servers for about as long as inexpensive SBCs have been a thing. But the ZimaBoard is one of the first I’ve seen that’s custom made to be used as a DIY, hackable server. The ZimaBoard is a small, fanless computer […]

LattePanda Delta single-board PC with Intel Gemini Lake now available for $188 and up ($228 with Windows 10)

LattePanda’s single-board computers fit loosely into the same category as Raspberry Pi’s tiny PCs aimed at educators, students, makers, and other enthusiasts. But LattePanda’s mini PCs pack a lot more horsepower and app compatibility than most single-board computers. That’s because they feature Intel x86 processors rather than ARM chips. But that hardware comes at a […]

LattePanda Alpha Hackintosh: you can install macOS on this tiny PC

The LattePanda Alpha is a tiny computer that measures about 4.3″ x 3.1″ x 0.5″ and a starting price of $298, but which has the same processor as an entry-level 2016 MacBook or 2017 Microsoft Surface Pro. LattePanda ran  a Kickstarter campaign last year to raise money for the Alpha, and earlier this month the company […]

LattePanda Delta and Alpha boards with Intel chips, Windows and Linux support hit Kickstarter

As expected, LattePanda is launching a Kickstarter campaign for its new single-board computers. The little boards look like a cross between a Raspberry Pi and an Arduino (which makes sense, since it’s an Arduino-compatible device with Leonardo coprocessor and 80 GPIO connectors). But the LattePanda Alpha are Windows and Linux compatible PCs with Intel processors and significantly […]

LattePanda Delta is a Powerful, Hackable SBC for the Windows Crowd

Two Decembers ago, DFRobot unveiled the original LattePanda SBC. The Atom-based computer could run Windows 10 and was also fully Arduino compatible thanks to its Atmega32u4 coprocessor. Now the company is ready to launch an updated version. It’s called the LattePanda Delta and DFRobot will be offering four different configurations. They start with an Intel […]