NexDock Touch is a touchscreen laptop dock for smartphones (or Raspberry Pis and other mini PCs)

The folks at NexDock have been making laptop docks for smartphones for a few years. Here’s the basic idea: give your phone a bigger screen, a full-sized keyboard, and a touchpad by plugging your mobile device into a gadget that looks like a laptop computer. Now NexDock has introduced a new model called the NexDock […]

Crowdfunded NexDock 2 laptop dock for smartphones (or Raspberry Pis) ships to backers

The NexDock 2 is a device that looks like a laptop — it has a 13.3 inch, 1920 x 1080 IPS pixel display, a full-sized backlit keyboard, a 51 Wh battery, and quad speakers. But it doesn’t have its own processor, memory or storage. Instead you can connect it to a smartphone, Raspberry Pi, or […]

[email protected] 15 Touch is a mobile display + keyboard for your smartphone

Companies have been offering laptop docks for smartphones for a few years, with varying levels of success. Typically the idea is to let you connect something that looks like a notebook to your smartphone so you can use a keyboard, touchpad, and large display. The [email protected] 15 Touch is something a little different. Instead of […]

Do you still want a laptop dock for your phone? (Because here’s another one)

Remember a few years ago when there were a bunch of crowdfunding campaigns for laptop-like devices that essentially let you use your phone like a notebook computer? Some of them finally started shipping this year (to less-than-stellar reviews), while others have yet to come hit the streets. But that hasn’t stopped new models from popping […]

Superbook laptop dock for smartphones is (finally) shipping

The Superbook looks like a laptop, but its actually a smartphone accessory that you can connect to your phone to interact with mobile apps on a notebook-sized display, keyboard, and touchpad. Sentio launched a Kickstarter campaign for the Superbook in 2016, raising nearly $3 million to bring the device to market. And while the company […]

Project Linda dock turns Razer smartphone into a notebook (concept device)

It wouldn’t be the consumer electronics show of Razer didn’t show up with a flashy concept device that may or may not ever come to market. This year it’s the Project Linda laptop dock for the company’s Razer smartphone. At first glance, Project Linda looks like a laptop. But peer a little closer and you’ll […]

Openbook is (yet another) crowdfunded laptop dock for Android phones

Today’s smartphones do a lot of the things that yesterday’s laptop computers did. You can use a phone for email, web surfing, gaming, and web browsing, among other things. But some activities, like viewing and editing documents can be easier on a device with a large display and full-sized keyboard. Over the past few years […]