Huawei’s ARM-based Kunpeng 920 processor shows up in a desktop PC

Chinese electronics company Huawei makes its own smartphone chips, and last year the company announced it was also developing chips for desktop computers. Now it looks like you can actually buy a computer powered by Huawei’s¬†Kunpeng 920 processor… if you live in China. A Chinese YouTuber posted a video showing a desktop computer featuring an […]

Huawei’s ARM-based chips could be coming to desktop PCs

Huawei already makes the Kirin processors that power the company’s smartphones, and the company also produces a line of ARM-based Kunpeng processors for servers. Now it looks like the company plans to make processors for desktop computers as well. Huawei’s new Kunpeng D920S10 Desktop motherboard allows the company’s Kunpeng 920 processor to be used in […]