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Lilbits (5-14-2014): Mozilla adds DRM to Firefox, isn’t happy about it

Want to use your web browser to stream video from services like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, and BBC iPlayer? You’ll need to put up with the DRM (Digital Rights Management) features used by those services — content owners want to make sure you don’t save or redistribute videos, watch them in countries where they don’t have redistribution rights, […]

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Samsung’s Tizen phone launch delayed until later in 2014

Chinese phone maker ZTE may be getting ready to show off its first smartphone powered by Tizen Linux, but one of the operating system’s key backers says the launch of its first Tizen smartphones has been pushed back. Japanese wireless carrier NTT DoCoMo recently announced it was putting its Tizen launch plans on hold. Now […]

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LG launches Gx 5.5 inch smartphone in Korea

Take the LG G2 smartphone, give it a larger display, a slightly slower CPU, and move the power and volume buttons from the back of the phone to the sides and what do you get? Apparently you get the LG Gx, a new 5.5 inch Android phone from the South Korean electronics company. The LG […]

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Iriver introduces the WOWtab 7 inch tablet, leaves out the wow factor

Korean device maker iriver has introduced a new 7 inch Android tablet which which is expected to sell for about $229 in Korea. It’s a decent looking device, but I’m not sure it lives up to its name: iriver calls the tablet the WOWtab. The iriver WOWtab ITQ700 features a 7 inch, 1280 x 800 […]

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Ocosmos OCS9 gaming tablet to ship in Korea for $700

The OCS9 tablet from OCosmos is a 10.1 inch Windows 7 slate PC with a 1.5 GHz Intel Atom Z670 Oak Trail processor, 2GB of RAM, and a solid state disk. The company started showing off the tablet in January, and it’s finally ready to go on sale next month in Korea, where it will be available for […]

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Ocosmos OSC9 Oak Trail tablet launches in Korea

Korean company Ocosmos has a line of Windows tablets and handheld computers aimed at the portable gaming market. Ocosmos first started showing off its tablets at the Consumer Electronics Show in January, but since they’re built around Intel’s Oak Trail platform they weren’t ready for release until Intel officially launched that platform — which the […]

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Samsung signs deals to get its tablets into schools, airplanes

Samsung was one of the first companies to offer a real competitor to the Apple iPad with the introduction of the 7 inch Samsung Galaxy Tab last year, and the company’s new 10.1 inch model is getting a lot of buzz as well. But Samsung isn’t just targeting consumers through retail channels. The company has […]