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Kogan introduces $189 Agora quad-core smartphone

Australian retailer Kogan has introduced its second smartphone, and like the first it’s an Android phone with decent specs and a dirt-cheap price. The Kogan Agora 5.0 quad-core is available for pre-order for $189, and as the name suggest, it has a 5 inch display and a quad-core processor. Specifically, you’re looking at a handset […]

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Kogan Agora contract-free 5″ Android phone coming in February for $149

Australian electronics retailer Kogan plans to enter the US market in February with a  5 inch, $149 Android smartphone that will be available contract-free. The idea is you’ll be able to pick up the Kogan Agora smartphone in the uS and use it on a pay-as-you-go plan from AT&T, T-Mobile, or an MVNO which works […]

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Kogan introduces Ubuntu notebook, Android tablet in Australia

Kogan Electronics is launching three new budget computing products in Australia: an Android tablet, an Ubuntu notebook, and a set-top-box that brings Android to your TV set. Honestly, I have a hard time getting all that excited about yet another Android tablet, but Agora’s model does have one thing going for it — a low […]