Kodi media center now available for the Xbox One (coming full circle)

Kodi is a popular, open source application that turns a PC, an Android device, or many other gadgets into a full fledged media center with a TV-friendly user interface for accessing music, movies, photos, and more. It got its start many years ago as a project designed to turn the original Xbox game console into […]

Attack of the evil subtitles: Update your Kodi, VLC, or other affected media players

If you use a media player that supports third-party subtitles you should probably check to see if there’s an update today. Security researchers at Check point identified a vulnerability that allowed malware to be distributed via subtitle files. The company reached out to the developers of popular media players affected by the vulnerability before disclosing […]

Kodi 17 cross-platform media center released, Kodi 18 is under development

Kodi can turn your PC, phone, or other device into a media center. The cross-platform media application provides a full-screen, TV-friendly user interface for accessing music, movies, and videos and now that Kodi supports phones and tablets as well as PCs and laptops, there’s also an optional for touchscreen-friendly user interface. In fact, when development […]

Plex media player comes first circle, launches Kodi plugin

Plex is a cross-platform utility that lets you stream your media collection or online videos to phones, smart TVs, web browsers, or other devices. The software started off as a fork of the popular, open source media center application XBMC… but it has taken on a life of its own in recent years after the […]

Kodi Media Center now available as a Windows Store app (Universal Windows Platform)

The popular cross-platform media center app Kodi is now available from the Windows Store. That means you can download the app from the store, get automatic updates from the store, and don’t ever have to visit the Kodi website again (unless you want to).   According to the Kodi blog, there are also benefits for developers, […]

Kodi releases a Raspberry Pi Case… and Kodi 17 nightlies

The Raspberry Pi is a small, inexpensive single-board computer that may have been designed for educators, students, and makers… but which has also proven popular among folks looking for a small, quiet computer that can be plugged into a TV. You’ve been able to install software like the Kodi media center app for ages… and […]

Amazon Fire TV software update makes finding your apps easier (even sideloaded ones)

Amazon is rolling out a software update for its Fire TV and Fire TV Stick devices, and while most of the changes in software version are bug fixes, there is one new feature designed to help you get to your apps more quickly. The new software lets you jump straight to the My Apps […]

Kodi media center fork SPMC for Android is back (and may eventually be your only option)

Kodi is a popular, open source, cross-platform media center application that started its life as XBMC, a project aimed at turning the original Xbox game console into a media server for your TV. These days Kodi can run on all sorts of devices, including Linux, Windows, and OS X computers as well as Android and […]

Kodi media center gets a new look with new default skins for Kodi 17

Kodi is a cross-platform media center application designed to make your media look good on a TV that’s 10 feet away. Plug your computer into you TV, fire up Kodi, and you get a remote control-friendly user interface for navigating your music, movies, photos, and online media, among other things. But Kodi doesn’t offer just one […]

Cross-platform media center Kodi 16 released

The developers of popular, cross-platform media center Kodi have released version 16. While a lot improvements in the new version are technical, there are a few things you might notice. For example, there’s better support for 4K displays if you’re using Kodi on an Android device. There are improved tools to let you stay up to […]