Lilbits (8-15-2013): Kobo Arc HD tablets on the way?

Bookseller Kobo offers a line of eReaders and tablets. And unlike Barnes & Noble, there’s good reason to believe that Kobo has no plans to stop selling Android tablets anytime soon. A few weeks ago details about an unannounced product called the Kobo Arc 10 HD started making the rounds. It’s expected to feature a […]

Kobo releases Android 4.1 update for the Kobo Arc tablet

Kobo is offering a software update for its 7 inch tablet, bringing Android 4.1 Jelly Bean to the Kobo Arc. Sure, Android 4.1 is kind of last year’s software… but it brings a number of new features to Kobo’s $200 tablet. While Kobo isn’t as big a name in the US as competitors Amazon or […]

Kobo Arc tablet hits the FCC, expected to ship in November

The Kobo Arc is a 7 inch Android tablet aimed at readers. It comes from bookseller Kobo, and the tablet’s expected to launch this month with prices starting at $199. Today the Kobo Arc showed up at the FCC website, which suggests that it’s on scheduled to hit the streets soon. Kobo’s new tablet features […]