What you get when you gut a ThinkPad case, insert netbook parts

Lenovo ThinkPad products are known for their premium specs and no-nonsense case design. But a Chinese company is apparently adding a bit of nonsense by releasing a knockoff that looks like the Lenovo ThinkPad X200, complete with ThinkPad branding. But the processing power has been seriously dialed back with the inclusion of a 1.66GHz Intel […]

Vayee clones the Nokia Booklet 3G for Chinese market

The last mini-laptop I saw from Chinese PC builder Vayee was an 11.6 inch laptop designed to look like a MacBook Air (before Apple had an 11.6 inch MacBook Air). Now the company is back with a 10 inch netbook designed to look like a Nokia Booklet 3G. The Vayee netbook has 1.66GHz Intel Atom […]

Phecda P13 laptop: Cheap Asus UL30 clone from China

What happens if you take the Asus UL30, scoop out the insides and replace the Intel CULV processor with an Atom chip and NVDIIA IOn graphics? I have no idea, but the folks at Phecda have done the next best thing by producing a UL30 clone called the Phecda P13. The notebook has a 13.3 […]