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Qooq’s latest tablet for the kitchen sports a Tegra 4 chip

NVIDA’s new Tegra K1 processor may be one of the fastest ARM-based chips around, but last year’s Tegra 4 isn’t exactly sluggish. That’s the chip that powers the HP Slatebook 14, the NVIDIA Tegra Note 7, and the ZTE FunBox game console, among other things. Now French tablet maker Qooq is turning to the Tegra […]

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Sony sells Xperia Tablet Z as a $650 kitchen gadget (with digital meat thermometer)

You can use most tablets anywhere in the house… or outside the house. That’s the beauty of thin and light machines with batteries. But some tablets are designed for use in specific environments. Sony is marketing its new Xperia Table Z: Kitchen Edition tablet as a kitchen companion. So what sets this $650 Android tablet […]

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Archos launches a kitchen tablet called the ChefPad

French tablet maker Archos won’t rest until there’s a tablet for every conceivable situation. Over the last few years the company has introduced dozens of Android tablets with screens as small as 2.8 inches and as large as 13.3 inches. We’ve seen specialized models designed for children, or as glorified alarm clock replacements. Now Archos […]