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Amazon: Kindle sales are up, but profits are falling (for now)

Amazon is re-iterating that the company sold “millions” of Kindle devices including the Kindle Fire tablet during the holiday season. The company reported its quarterly earnings this afternoon — and as usual, Amazon isn’t spelling out just how many Kindle Fire, Kindle Touch, or other Kindle devices were sold. But Amazon says Kindle device sales […]

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Hands-on with the SolarKindle solar-powered Kindle case (video)

The SolarKindle is a solar-powered case for Amazon Kindle readers. Sure, most cases don’t actually need power, but this one has a built-in battery which you can use to charge your eReader — even when there’s no sunlight around. SolarFocus announced the product this week and plans to start shipping it around January 15th for $79.99. […]

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SolarKindle case charges your eReader… with sunlight

There are two really cool thinks about eBook Readers with E Ink displays. First, their high contrast displays are easily readable outdoors in direct sunlight. Second, they use so little power that they can run for weeks, or even months at a time without charging. A company called SolarFocus has decided to make the most […]

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Amazon Kindle for iOS 2.9 turns an iPad into a giant Kindle Fire

Amazon has pushed out an updated version of its Kindle app for iOS, and it adds features that had previously only been available on the Kindle Fire tablet and Kindle E Ink devices. Kindle 2.9 for iOS  lets iPad users can now read magazines from the Kindle Store as well as digital reproductions of textbooks. […]

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Amazon offers free 2-day shipping on Kindles for last-minute Christmas shoppers

With Christmas just a few days away, Amazon is betting that a lot of folks are still shopping for last minute presents — and the company wouldn’t mind at all if a few of those gifts were Kindle devices. So Amazon is offering free 2-day shipping on all of the latest Kindles. If you place […]

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How to install CyanogenMod 7 on the Amazon Kindle Fire

The Amazon Kindle Fire is is a 7 inch tablet designed to access Amazon’s digital book, music, movie, and app stores. But we’ve already seen that you can root the device, install the Android Market, and run many third party apps which aren’t available from Amazon. If that’s not enough for you though, it’s surprisingly […]