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Lilbits: Apple allows game console emulators in the App Store now… but not this one

Earlier this month Apple updated its App Store guidelines to allow developers to distribute “retro game console emulators” for iOS and iPadOS for the first time. But it was unclear at first whether that meant all emulators were welcome, or if this was just a way to let game publishers offer emulators that would allow you to […]

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Amazon’s Kindle web browser is actually usable now

Amazon’s Kindle devices are meant first and foremost for reading eBooks. But there’s also a web browser. Up until a few years ago, that browser was officially considered “experimental,” and up until the past month or so, it was unofficially considered awful. But Amazon has quietly begun rolling out an updated version of its web […]

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LanguageBreak can jailbreak Kindles running software versions or lower

Jailbreaking an Amazon Kindle device allows you to access files and settings that are normally protected, load third-party apps and lock screen wallpapers, and make other changes. But Amazon doesn’t make it easy to jailbreak its devices, and every time a new method for jailbreaking Kindles is revealed, it’s only a matter of time before […]

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Lilbits: Pixel 8 design leaked, Amazon phases out Kindle newspaper and magazine subscriptions

Did you know that you could subscribe to digital editions on certain newspapers and magazines through Amazon and have them delivered to your Kindle device? Well you could for the past decade or so… but Amazon is in the process of pulling the plug on the program. You can no longer sign up for new […]

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Amazon blocks older versions of its Kindle for PC app from downloading newly published Kindle eBooks

When you buy a Kindle eBook from Amazon you can read it on a Kindle device or Amazon Fire tablet. But Amazon also offers iOS, Android, PC, and Mac apps that let you download books to read on a phone, tablet, or computer. Earlier this month some users discovered that Amazon had made a significant […]

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Amazon promises to bring new features to the Kindle Scribe

The Amazon Kindle Scribe is the biggest member of the Kindle family, with a 10.2 inch E Ink display that’s large enough to comfortably fit magazines, comics, or PDF documents. It’s also Amazon’s first Kindle device to support pen input. But early review suggest there’s little to set it apart from other similarly-sized E Ink […]

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Compare Kindle specs: Amazon Kindle, Kindle Paperwhite, and Kindle Oasis

The Amazon Kindle devices are some of the most popular eBook readers with electronic paper displays due to ease of use, tight integration with the world’s most popular eBook store, and probably most importantly, their relatively affordable price tags. Starting prices range from $100 for an entry-level Kindle to $350 for a Kindle Scribe with […]

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Amazon Kindle Scribe is a 10.2 inch E Ink writing slate for $340

Amazon’s new Kindle Scribe is the company’s first large-screen E Ink device since the company canceled the Kindle DX. It’s also the company’s first Kindle that supports pen input. While other members of the Kindle family are designed for reading eBooks, the Kindle Scribe can be used for reading and writing thanks to its 10.2 inch E […]