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Amazon brings Family Library to recent Kindle eReaders

Amazon Family Library lets members of your household share books, movies, and music across devices. If you buy a song with your Amazon account your spouse can listen to that tune on a Fire tablet with a linked account. Now Family Library is available for the latest Kindle eReaders, letting you share eBooks across two linked […]

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Amazon Kindle Paperwhite can be jailbroken

The Amazon Kindle Paperwhite may have a new high resolution E Ink display and light that can illuminate the screen. But the hardware and Linux-based operating system are close enough to those for last year’s Amazon Kindle Touch that it didn’t take long for hackers to find a way to jailbreak the Kindle Paperwhite. Members of […]

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Amazon’s new Kindle, Kindle Fire models up for order for $69 and up

Amazon is now taking orders on its new line of Kindle eReaders and tablets. Prices start at $69 for an eReader with an E Ink display, and $159 for an Android tablet with a full color display. All of those starting prices are for models with “special offers,” or ads on the home screen or […]

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Amazon introduces $119 Kindle paperwhite: front-lit eReader

Amazon has unveiled its next Kindle eReader, the Kindle paperwhite. It’s the first device to  use a new type of E Ink display which makes the background look more white than gray. It also has a higher resolution display than earlier Kindle models, and an adjustable side-light which lets you read even when you’re in […]